I love paint, I love light, I love how they interact. Is that why I paint? Not entirely. I’ve always found sanctuary in moving paint around. It’s had it’s magical moments. Sometimes those moments pass and it’s not a moment but an 8 hour stretch. So I continue to dive deep. I no longer do representational work which I still love, especially when I see a stunning example.

Instead I have found much more meaning in the abstract, in the unrelatable image. It took me 30 years of painting to realize that abstraction was my greatest love. I had always been fascinated by it, mostly in my inability to understand it. Then as years passed my understanding grew and after a while I started to truly understand what it is that I’m doing. Yet it’s like speaking a language. Nobody can tell you the secret to understanding abstraction. No more than someone can tell you a language in a whisper. It comes in slow and steady engagement. I’m finally making sentences in my language of abstraction and I am starting to know what they mean. It’s exciting and it is, not what I ever expected. I will continue till I cannot.