APRIL 2018

Next up: Solo Exhibition at

Lyons Wier Gallery

Thursday, April 5th 2018

Staring at the sun, 72 x 72″ (183 x183cm) oil on canvas


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  1. These are some very good, simple, but good paintings!

  2. Jeannie Hee-Lee

    I really enjoy these pieces. It really makes me appreciate how the grain of paint strokes can create a beautiful and dynamic sense of motion by its play with light and shade. And the canvas layouts are quite intriguing as well!

  3. Brillant!!!!!

  4. Great stuff man! I was curious after talking to you at the opening, you said you did abstract works so I wanted to know what you meant by that. They are much deeper then “just abstract works”.

    • Thank you! I’m one of the artists presenting tonight at Bemis. If you’re around it starts at 7pm. Hope to see you there.

  5. The path you’re taking with your art is awesome: sculptural paintings that convey meaning and intention on so many levels and dimensions. The triple canvasses/sculptures remind me of continents, separated over time like the continents of the world. It’s great to see your forms multiply. I’m always intrigued by what you’re doing — and where you’re going — to take what’s inside of you out into the visual world for everyone to see and experience.

  6. i discover a little of your work thanks to, where i show my work too.
    i’ve always loved black, its deepness, but i appreciate your shapes and combination and the thickness of your paintings too
    all the best
    evelyne dominault

  7. These paintings are stunning. I am happy to read about the upcoming exhibitions and get a glimpse of the work you completed in 2013. I’m going to try to stop by Lyons-Wier.

  8. Hi James, I love the work especially the series of the new ones you did at the end of last year.The sureness, dimensionality, rhythm and grace are all there giving the work a spellbinding attraction. I have more thoughts I’d love to share with you in a conversation. Let’s have dual studio visits some time this year. Happy healthy New Year.

  9. Having never seen the paintings themselves I find the photos fascinating as artworks in their own right (and keep coming back to them). Especially where you seem to have photographed the same painting in different light and the results are so unlike they’re hardly recognizable as the same subject. It’s a curious exercise in perception and how light/lighting can change everything.

  10. really nice, very zen work james.
    Sensei David from honbu

  11. I really like this style. It reminds me of a vinyl record and it’s as if you melted it onto the canvas. Bravo! – Jeff Anschutz

  12. U r a great artists.u play with colour & brush in your paintings.u love them.i m your Big fain.i like it very much.

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